The leader of smart home security

As leaders in smart home security in The French part of Switzerland, GSI Security Concept has solutions to protect, monitor 24/7 and automate your home.

Whether you want to monitor yourself your alarm system, go through a monitoring company or both, we provide you a custom tailored solution that will fit all your needs.

Our solutions are flexible and modular, which means that parts of your smart home security system can be changed, removed or added as you need.

Awareness. Anytime.

You can count on a reliable and uninterrupted connection with your home security system. It will continue to monitor and communicate even if the phone or internet line is cut, the power is out or the internet is down.

Our security system lets you know what's happening anytime. You can receive notification by sms, email, via vrowser or directly through the phone application.

Video monitoring

Never miss a moment of activity at home. Get video and photo alerts when activity is detected, and watch live and recorded videos from your smartphone, tablet or browser.

Energy management

Save money and have full control with our energy management solutions. Control the thermostat directly from your phone.

Secure your vehicles

Enjoy the comfort of always knowing where you left your car. You can also use your phone which will show you the current location of your vehicle, mileage or fuel consumption.

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